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Do you want to help those in need after a disaster like Hurricane Florence or a typhoon in Asia?  These happen year round, and UMCOR needs donated supplies! We at Bremerton United Methodist Church are a Local Depot station that collects UMCOR Relief Supply Materials and Marly Galindo is the storeroom coordinator.  Monetary donations are surely helpful, but please consider purchasing supplies or looking about your home for spare items. To see what you can donate, click here.  Please bring your items to church on Sunday or contact the church office at 360-373-3510 to place your items in the Storeroom.  Also, call the church office if you need help delivering your materials from your home to the church. Supplies will also be collected from other churches.   When the Storeroom is filled, all supplies will be picked up and delivered to the UMCOR Depot West in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The UMCOR Depot West will assemble, store and distribute Cleaning, Hygiene, and School Kits to those in need.  Thank you for giving to UMCOR!

- Marly Galindo, Lay Leader and UMCOR Depot Coordinator

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